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  • September 28

    Learn to write LEQ - Tom Richey Video

    Test Review

    September 16

    Unit 1 Exam 

    Present Renaissance Projects

    September 14

    Unit 1 Test Review 

    SAQ and MCQ Practice 

    Ren Projects and DBQs due day of test

    September 8

    Exploration Lecture 

    Renaissance DBQ - Document Analysis 

    September 3 

    Northern Renaissance 

    Puppy DBQ - Outline

    September 1

    Italian Renaissance

    Work on Renaissance Project

    August 28

    Finish Middle Ages - 100 yrs war and Black Death

    What killed feudalism? Why is 1453 important? 

    Topic sentences activity. 

    Introuduce Renaissance project.

    August 26

    Black Death document pack

    Finish Fundamentals 

    August 24

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    Europe Map Quiz - This Friday