• ***If something is in purple, it is for a grade!***

    8/19: Syllabus, Representation/ Distortion in Maps

        Homework: Go outside!  Tell me what it is like outside in a short        paragraph- what does it look like, what does it sound like,                what does the weather feel like, what can you do outside...

    8/20, 8/21: Representation/ Distortion in Maps (slides), representation/ distortion response questions, introduced Geography of Me project (due 8/30, 9/2)

        Homework: Work on Geo of Me project

    8/22, 8/23: Mental maps, map parts worksheet, Geo of Me work time

        Homework: Work on Geo of Me project

    8/26, 8/27: Location vs. place, latitude and longitude, Geo of Me work time

        Homework: Work on Geo of Me project

     8/28, 8/29: Gerrymandering (www.shorturl.at/uvwX9, http://www.redistrictinggame.org/ Mission 2), response to "How can small variations in mapmaking have a significant impact on your life?"

        Homework: Work on Geo of Me project

    8/30, 9/3: Geo of Me project presentations, map skills review, continents/oceans

        Homework: Study for test

    9/4, 9/5: Map skills test, continents/oceans map, how the first humans lived

        Homework: Study for continents/oceans quiz

    9/6, 9/9: Continents/oceans quiz, development of agriculture, early farming communities

    9/10, 9/11: First cities, notes on early river valley civilizations, early river valley civilization mapping

        Homework: Finish early river valley civilization mapping

    9/12, 9/13: Ancient Egypt notes, Egyptian hieroglyphs, pyramid builder game

        Homework: Response to "How did physical geography influence the development of Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley, and China?"

    9/16, 9/17: Early river valley civilizations DBQ

    9/18, 9/21: Notes on African civilizations, Africa's Great Civilizations documentary

    9/22, 9/23: Native America documentary, start folklore skits

    9/24, 9/25: Notes on American civilizations, folklore skits, folklore and geography questions, Native America documentary

    9/26, 9/27: Review for test

        Homework: Study for test

    9/30, 10/1: Geography and civilization test, US states and capitals map, North American physical geography map, notes on water

        Homework: Study for states and capitals quiz

    10/2, 10/3: Water cycle videos, water cycle diagram, water resources mapping

        Homework: Study for states and capitals quiz

    10/4, 10/7: US states and capitals quiz, river managment reading and questions, introduction to Nile River project

    10/8, 10/9: Nile River news broadcast, country-specific questions, work on Nile River proposal

    10/10, 10/11: Finish and present Nile River proposal, start water scarcity documentary

    10/14, 10/15: Water scarcity documentary

    10/21, 10/22: Decide on geo-inquiry question, begin geo-inquiry research

    10/23, 10/24: Geo-inquiry research

        Homework: Finish geo-inquiry research

    10/25, 10/28: Present geo-inquiry research, take notes on presentations, final stage of research

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