• Elbert County, COVID-19 Update - April 11, 2020


    We are aware of three new cases of COVID-19 in Elbert County. One is a female in her 20s, another is a male in his 40s, and the third is a male in his 60s. All are residents of the county. These cases bring the total number of known cases of COVID-19 to fourteen. Stacey Rinehart, our Environmental Health Specialist, will complete CDC Case Reports on these incidents.

    Yesterday the Colorado Governor's Office of Information Technology and CDPHE provided to local public health agencies a preview of a new COVID-19 Symptom Tracker. This electronic platform will support a more detailed level of virus surveillance by allowing residents that are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms to contribute data on their symptoms, onset, location, and more. It is anticipated that this public, voluntary/self-reporting resource will launch within the next week or so. I have attached a couple of screen captures from the demo presented yesterday.

    symptom tracker

     reported symptoms

    Promoting food security during COVID-19

    Elbert County families are facing stress and uncertainty during the health and economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. For many families, the stress of keeping food on the table is even more acute during this time of crisis. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, provides assistance to families to purchase healthy food and to promote food security. Prior to the crisis, approximately 90,000 Coloradans, including families with kids, used SNAP annually to help put food on the table. Colorado responded to the crisis by seeking federal waivers that are available during the COVID outbreak for the SNAP program. These waivers have been approved by the federal government, resulting in the following temporary changes:

    • During the emergency, families applying for SNAP will not be required to complete an interview.
    • For March and April, families enrolled in SNAP will receive emergency allotments that will temporarily bring their benefit level up to the maximum amount (that’s $646 monthly for a household of four).
    • Families enrolled in SNAP with re-certifications or periodic reports due in March, April or May, will not need to submit this paperwork, as their certification periods will be extended by six months.

    Dwayne Smith, MEd, MCHES®, CPST
    Administrator, Elbert County Public Health