• Course Description

    Sports and Games is a semester-long course that is made up of two individual quarters.  Finals grades in Sports and Games will be determined based on the average of the students two quarter grades.   Sports and Games is a movement based class that meets everyday.  Regular participation is expected.  The staff will utilize a variety of movement activities, lead-up games, fitness activities and sports to meet both district and state Physical Education Standards.


    Objectives, Standards & Goals

    The main objective of Sports and Games is for students to participate in meaningful activities that will promote continual involvement in future physical fitness and activity, social and emotional wellness, cooperative learning, skill development, and risks and preventative measures associated with physical activity and sport.

    Curriculum Standards focus on Movement Competence and Understanding, Physical and Personal Wellness, Social and Emotional Wellness, and Prevention and Risk Management.

    Each student will be asked to set goals, work to achieve those goals, participate with their best effort and have fun within class expectations.


    Dress Requirements

    Appropriate dress is required in order for students to participate in Sports and Games classes.  

    Requirements Include: clean court shoes/sneakers that are secure to their feet, socks, T-shirts, gym shorts or sweatpants.  Sweat-shirts or jackets are permissible and encouraged for outside activity or during colder weather.

    Students are asked to wear a different set of clothing for Sports and Games than what they wear to class during the school day.  Students that do not dress appropriately (shoes, shirt, short/pants) or have a change of clothing will not be allowed to participate and will not receive their daily dress and participation points.  Students who do not dress out will instead be asked to walk for the duration of the class.  



    Students are expected to follow all classroom expectations outlined in the student handbook.

    Students are expected to participate and give their best effort at all times.

    Students are expected to respect all equipment and follow all classroom rules set by the staff.

    Students are expected to bring a parent or doctor's note if they are unable to participate or participate with limitations.  A phone call or email will also be acceptable.  Students who do not provide a written note will be given an unexcused non-participation grade for the day (equivalent to a 0 for the day).

    Students are expected to adhere to the no gum, food or drink policy for classes (water will be allowed and encouraged).

    A students’ grade in Sports and Games is based on the number of classes that they are present and participating in class.  If a student is absent for any reason they will not receive points for the day(s) they miss.  For any absence, students will be allowed the opportunity to make up the points lost for their missed classes.  For every missed class, a student will have the opportunity to complete a 1 page written assignment that is related to the activity of the day or unit being covered.  Please note that all written make up assignments are optional to the students,and are the only way to make up for lost points.

    Upon arriving to class students are expected to be in their designated squad at the start of class.  If a student is not in their assigned place they will be marked late.  Students will be dismissed from their squads to change and will refrain from handling equipment unless asked to do so.

    Students with disabilities will be accommodated as needed or described in their IEP.



    Students can earn a maximum of 10 points each day for Sports and Games.  Daily points are earned based on the following criteria:

    2-pts - Participation (on task and active the entire class period).

    2-pts - On time and prepared to listen and learn.

    2-pts - Displays good sportsmanship, cooperation & responsibility.

    2-pts -  Appropriate Sports and Games clothing and shoes (shoes laced correctly and a change of appropriate clothing).

    2- pts - Makes an honest effort to attempt and practice expected skills.


    Final Grades are based on a percentage of the total possible points for each grading period.

    A = 90 - 100%

    B = 80 - 89%

    C = 70 - 79%

    D = 60 - 69%

    F = 59% or lower