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  • November 11

    Unit 3a MCQ Test

    November 9

    Unit 3a Discussion 

    Unit 3a Essay Test

    November 5

    French Language Article 

    Unit 3a Test Review 

    Map Quiz 

    November 3

    RQ Ch 5

    Essay Practice 

    Work on language project

    October 21

    Nacirema Recap 

    Folk and Pop Culture - Lecture on where culture is and why

    Our Material World Assignment - On Google Classroom

    October 19

    Unit 3 - Culture and Language 

    Nacirema Assignment 

    October 13

    MCQ Test

    October 9

    Essay Test

    October 7

    Unit 2 Seminar 

    Unit 2 Review

    October 5

    Progress Check Review 

    Syrian Refugee Crisis 

    Essay Practice

    September 25

    Reading Quiz 2.1

    Demographic Transition Model

    Population Pyramids 

    September 23

    Population Demographics 

    • Demographic Data Assignment 

    September 21

    Review Unit 1 Test 

    Prepare for map quiz (North America)

    Start unit 2 - Population up to density

    September 17

    Unit 1 Test

    September 15

    Test Review 

    • Vocab Practice 
    • Review Sheet
    • Practice MCQs

    September 11

    Essay practice 

    What Good is Wikipedia Assignment 

    September 9

    Review Progress Check - How to answer MCQs 

    Sustainability and Environmental Determinism vs. Possibilism 

    3 Maps Assignment 

    September 4

    Ch 1 Reading Quiz

    AP Essay Practice 

    Map tools lecture 

    Complete Unit 1 Progress Check over the weekend

    September 2

    Map Making 

    • Types of maps, functions, spatial relationships

    Cartography Assignment (Submit on Google Classroom)

    August 31

    Map Quiz

    5 Themes of Geography lecture

    5 Themes Assignment (in PP notes)

    August 27

    Looking at sources

    Book comarison assignment 



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