Experiential Education Program

  • The Experiential Education program at Frontier High School is a major aspect of the school’s alternative approach to education. The outdoor education program has been highly successful due to the time and effort that has been put into developing it. It is through these experiential adventures that our students develop resiliency toward making connections with school. These activities provide students with positive experiences that are brought back into the classroom. It teaches students to respect nature as well as each other. The experiential model fosters positive relationships with teacher as well; the positive effects of this are seen in the classroom. While participating in experiential education activities our students are faced with physical challenges, hands on learning, and the development of life skills.


    Each year the teachers at Frontier take a small group of our students to different locations. While most of our trips are in the Colorado wilderness we have begun venturing a bit further out occasionally. Some of the trips we have taken include: Bent’s Fort and National Grasslands, Mesa Verde, Dinosaur National Park, yearly Ski Trips, Grand Canyon, Eagles Nest Backpacking Trip, Washington D.C., Mount Rushmore and Carlsbad Caverns. Also, the whole student body participates in both a high and low ropes course adventure yearly.   While we work hard to keep the costs down there are still a number of families who struggle to pay the extra costs of these. Most of the fundraising we do throughout the year goes directly to support these trips, by subsidizing the whole trip or by providing direct scholarships to our students. Our goal is to never let cost get in the way of any student participating if they so choose.