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  • High School and Graduation are important times in a young adult’s life. Most students end up attending their local traditional “home school.” The traditional high school may be a great option for many students but not all. The Elizabeth Board of Education recognizes that some students need a different setting to achieve success in high school. In order to support ALL students the Board of Education champions the unique mission and operations of Frontier High School.

    Frontier is classified by the State as an “Alternative Education Campus.” This means the majority of students are at high risk of not earning their High School Diploma. Frontier is also considered a “School of Choice” where students must be accepted and meet certain expectations to be enrolled. For more about this process see Click Here.

    Frontier mirrors the credit and graduation requirements of Elizabeth High School and the Elizabeth School District with a one additional requirement and some flexibility in earning credits. All students must complete a student portfolio and present this to a panel of teachers and community members prior to graduation.

    If you are considering applying to attend Frontier, we encourage you to read through this packet to learn more about our beliefs and practices. While Frontier is a great option for many students it is not for everyone and our goal is to enroll students who will thrive in the Frontier family. If you would like additional information or to visit the school please call us to schedule a visit.

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