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Hi Parents and my awesome students...

I'm thinking of you all and hoping you are healthy and making the best of this most difficult situation.  

Over the next few days I will try to provide you with information and curriculum options while we are out of school. 

Please check this site for details.


Business Hours / ZOOM Meetings 

Monday...Teacher Professional Development & Team Planning 

               ...No School for students.

Tuesday...9:00 ...ZOOM Class meeting for those who can attend.

                 ...9:30 -10:30 Available for messages/questions/ Teaching Time

                 ...2:00 - 3:00...No ZOOM, but time to ask questions on Dojo.

Wednesday...9:00 - 10:30 Available for questions on Dojo.
                     ...2:00 -3:00 Available for questions on Dojo.

Thursday...9:00 - 10:30 ...ZOOM Class Meeting for those who can attend.
                 ...2:00 - 3:00...Available for questions on Dojo.

Friday...9:00 - 10:30.. Available for questions on Dojo.
             ...2:00 -3:00...Available for questions on Dojo. 



 To access Google Classroom go to:

For all assignments the Class Code is:  hkuxrln



 How to access: 

1) Go to my school Singing Hills web page.

2) Click on Classrooms..this will take you to the directory.

3) Click on my name:  Kristin Lorimer

 4) My page will on Student Resources (left side of screen)

 5) Click on MobyMax   

 6) Moby Sign-In...key in school code: co1546

      ...key in student's 1st initial, last name, 2029 (no spaces)                                                        

 7) Password:  Lorimer

 8) Screen will appear with many options for students to select and use.

*Usernames and passwords sent out on March 31st on Dojo.  Let me know if you need me to resend them. 




3) Newsela 

 The link is attached below, if you have not already set up the account. It is for use in our Nearpod Native American lessons.




How to access: 

1) google: readworks

2)Click on Student Log-in

3)Enter Class Code: 44DS4U

4)Student log-in page:  Select your name

   password: reading3

5)Lorimer Class Page:

    - select from the Articles

    - Read the article, complete multiple choice and written questions

    - Submit your work


    SUPER TEACHER Worksheets to print for your student:                




As of: 3/31/2020 


1) Legends of Learning: 

I reset all student passwords on 3/24/20.  You will now need to go in the the site on GoogleClassroom,          Click on Teacher Playlist and it will prompt you to set up the account and create a new password. 


2) Parent Survey Link




Share this Class Link with your class.






Multiplication Fact Practice

Our big push is on to really nail-down our multiplication facts.

Please practice for a few minutes each night.  





 The best way to get in-touch with me is to email me at the email address provided below:  for any questions or concerns. 




  • Reading CKLA:  Native American: Regions and Cultures

     This unit will introduce the students to how some Native Americans first migrated from Asia to North America and how and why they spread to all parts of North America.  We will learn how their ways of obtaining food changed as a result of their environment and how they adapted their life style and cultures based on the regions they settled in. 

    *The students are currently presenting their "Planet" Slide shows.

    Students will: 

    *Locate continents of North America, South America and Asia on a map.

    *Locate the Bering Strait on a map and explain why scientists believe that durning the Ice AGe, this region was exposed and connected Asia and 

      North America with an ice bridge. 

    * They will explain one theory of how and why nomadic hunters migrated from Asia to North America.

    * Explain the ways that Native American obtained food and how this process evolved over time to include hunting, gathering, fishing and farming.

    * Explain that Native Americans spread out across North America and south America in serch of food and eventually developed different languages and cultures. 


    Thee types of questioning will be used throughout this units:  literal questions (recall of the core content), inferentiall questions (requiring students to infer information from the daily reading) and evaluative questions (questions require students to use what they have learned from other units and build upon this knowledge). 


    Vocabulary words that the kids will become familiar with in this unit are:  

    nomadic, regions, cultural identity, envoronment, ceremonial, prehistoric, sustence, generation, inhospitable 



    Math:   CMAS Practice and Review

    For the next three weeks the students will review concepts already learned and will have additional instruction in the areas of geometry as we prepare for the Colorado CMAS testing to begin on April 13. 

    They will also have the opportunty to practice CMAS simulated sessions to better understand the format of these important tests. 

    Look for a variety of homework materials to come home as we prepare for CMAS. 



    Note to Parents...Multiplication is a 3rd grade standard.

    Please take time to work with your child to learn the basic multiplicaiton facts!  It's not to early to begin practicing!!




    Our writing this year is based on the CKLA model and tied directly to our reading materials.  We will began the year and will continue to build the necessary components to successfully plan, draft and write a a variety of writing pieces.  These building blocks to the final written pieces, in a variety of writing genres,  will take place over several days. 


    The Students will:      Practice CMAS style writing prompts

    • Plan and organize their writing using a graphic organizer.
    • Include in their writing transition words/ dialogue/descriptive words and phrases
    • Will edit and revise their own writing.

    *Handwriting Without Tears:  Our third grade students are learning and practicing cursive writing using our cursive writing program called, "Handwriting Without Tears".  Instruction will take place approximately two times during the week. 



    Science  / Social Studies

    We are currently studying CIVICS.

    • Three branches of the government.
    • Breaking down state and local government.
    • Understanding the purpose of the Constitution.


    Our science curriculum standards are being taught through our CKLA program.

    Additional science units not covered by CKLA will be taught throughout the year. 



  •           Mon.,Tues.,Wed.,Friday 

    8:05-8:15...Attend. /Morning Meeting

    8:30-8:50...Morning Meeting / Wizards/ Handwriting


    9:45-10:20...Snack/CKLA Domain Reading

             *Tuedsay - STEM Coding - 8:15-8:50

    10:20 - 11:20 ...Reading Groups

    11:20-11:50...Writing / Soc. Studies / Science

    11:55-12:40...Recess & Lunch

    12:45 - 1:20... SiMR

    1:20 - 2:15 ... Math /Math Groups

           *Wednesday - Library 2:00 - 2:30

    2:15-2:30...PAW recess/Study Hall

    2:30-3:00...Math Groups cont. / Read-a-Loud

    3:00-3:10...Homework Sheet / Stack and Pack




    9:00-9:15...Attend./Morning Routine


    10:00-10:50...CKLA Readiong / Snack

    10:50 - 11:50... Reading Groups

    11:55-12:40...Recess / Lunch

    12:40-1:15 ...SiMR

    1:15 -1:45 ...Math

    1:45 - 2:30 Math Groups

    2:30 - 3:00 ...Read-A-Loud / Homework Sheet / Other

    3:00 - 3:10...Stack-n-Pack




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