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Ms. Lambert

Welcome to College Prep Physical Science and Astronomy!  I look forward to meeting all of you and working towards achieving your academic goals.

I have taught many different fields of Science and I still find it fascinating.  I am so pleased to be at Elizabeth High School. I lived in Elizabeth for about 15 years and since then, it still feels like home. I was very involved with the community and the 4-H program, specifically the horse project. I also currently enjoy attending various events in the community as well such as the Stampede, Celtic Fest and parades. 

In College Prep Physical Science we cover many topics and move at a faster pace than grade level Physical Science. The overall goal is to understand the reasons behind the science and be able to explain it with the world around you. In order to do that, you need to be able to see the interconnectedness of the concepts and the math that supports it. You can expect a little more homework, more math, reading, and note taking.  Overall, I employ high expectations for demonstration of quality work on notes, organization, projects and all class/homework. 

Conceptual Physical Science is a similar class designed to be project based and very student centered, aiming at successful completion so that students may enter the workforce or vocational programs straight out of high school.

Astronomy is an introduction to our place in the Universe. While many of the concepts are hard to wrap our minds around, we will learn the scientific evidence that supports the phenomena throughout our universe.

One of the most important things you can do to be successful in high school is to utilize a calendar, whether it's on your phone or planner. Your schedules are very full and demanding, so having a way to organize and check things off as you complete them is beneficial.

Although I have lived in many countries and states in the US, I love Colorado. My hobbies include skiing, swimming, anything outdoors, reading and cooking-but I do love to binge watch a few good Netflix shows from time to time.

To contact me by phone, please call the main office at 303-646-4616. You can also call 303-646-8155 which is my office number and even connect to me if we are out of the building learning remotely. The most effective way to reach me is by email at

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or comments.

Ms. Lambert