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  • Penguins jumping off iceberg into ocean.  When we are working with the content app, we can do many things.

    Images can be aligned to text that allows for text wrapping.—————————————>

    Text can be plain or formatted.

    Text can be turned into hyperlinks to websites or email addresses.

    Rules for Section Editors to Follow: (example of a numbered/ bulleted list)

    Remember: "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should." Annonymous
    Keep text black, and avoid using light colors like yellow or pink. If you must use another color, stick to a darker color choice.
    Keep text left aligned. End- users can read text easier if it stays to the left of the page.
    If you must center align, use it sparingly and only for titling if needed. Do NOT center align multiple lines of text in a page.
    Always paste text in as plain text to keep text in a page uniform and consistent in font so that it looks professional with the current template.
    When using images within the text body:
    Use stock photography or images that are clean and high quality.
    Using older/ pixelated images is discouraged.
    Refrain from using animated gifs. If you must use one, keep it to only ONE on a page that is less than 200 px in size.
    Right or Left align images to the text so that it allows the text to wrap around it.
    If you want text separated into columns, use several content apps and use the proper page layout to separate the text into those columns, or use a Table App.
    When you need to provide titles above your content, turn on the app name in the app Options for a clean, simple, consistent look that matches the template.
    Keep pages simple. Do not overload them with too much content that requires an end- user to scroll too far.

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