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Christopher Ford

I will make this nice and sweet.

Im Christopher Ford. Im starting my first year here at Elizabeth High School but this will be my second year teaching in a classroom. I grew up in Louisville, Colorado where I attended Monarch High School. After that I attended Metro State in Denver where I got a bachelors degree in history along with a teaching license. I took a year off inbetween graduation and teaching to do some travelling. I went to 14 countries in Europe as a graduation present to myself. It was a fantastic experience and something that I would advocate all people do at some point in their lives. 

Some of my interests include but are not limited to, Skiing, Golf, Football (Go Broncos), all Colorado Sports, fishing, camping, but what I like the most is hanging around with my family doing whatever. Family is the most important thing in my life with my career and students coming in a very close second. 

This year I will be teaching World Geography, World History, World Wars, and Colorado History. It should be an interesting year for all of us with all this COVID stuff, but im looking forward to making it a great year with you guys. 

I will be running all my classes through google classroom which I will set up in the upcoming days and put links on the website. You wont have to worry about that until we actually start school, so no worries. 

I hope you all had a great summer and ready to kick some butt this year with me. Dont hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. 

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Google Clasroom Codes

Red 2: gccv2i2

Red 3: zwutaeu

Red 4: uq3bm7e

White 6: ksfd6tl

White 7: kri22ij

White 8: 4ijxjgo