The brick wrap artwork on Elizabeth High School displays the profile of a graduate.
  • Programs for EHS students

    Elizabeth High School offers a range of opportunities to students interested in learning more about career fields that might interest them. Whether they just want to know a little more about what a veterinarian does on a day-to-day basis or they want to follow a video producer, farmer, building contractor or professional in another field, EHS students have options thanks to a community that welcomes the chance to build the next generation of Elizabeth's workforce -- and school staff members who go out of their way to find those opportunities. 

    Below are a number of different HTI programs available to students starting in their first year of high school.

  • Career Exploration

    Career Exploration

    Early learning about what it takes to work in a specific career field can give students a head start on planning their futures. Read more ...

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  • Career Pathways

    Career Pathways

    Currently, Elizabeth High School has identified 19 different career pathways that can be explored through groupings of classes. Read more ...

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  • Certification


    While taking classes to learn specific skills, EHS students can earn official certification that can open the door to employment. Read more ...

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  • Concurrent Enrollment

    Concurrent Enrollment

    EHS students can earn college credit for certain classes, save money and potentially graduate from college sooner. Read more ...

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  • Internships


    In collaboration with local businesses, EHS students can explore a specific career interest through hands-on experience. Read more ...

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