• Board Meeting Q&A

    The Elizabeth School District Board of Education is dedicated to full transparency. To help with this, any questions asked during public comment at one of the board business sessions will be responded to here. This page will chronicle all questions asked of the board in public; it will also serve as a location to gather information on questions that have been asked previously. 

    Individual comments are not archived here; only questions that are asked of the board during public comment sessions. Often those questions require additional research to be answered, and those answers are posted as soon as possible and archived here with those questions.

    Full meetings, including all public comment sessions, are archived on video and as audio that can be downloaded as a podcast. They can be accessed on the Board Meetings page. Time stamps are included for the audio files, so listeners can scrub to specific agenda items.

    For individuals living outside the district boundaries, this format will serve as an opportunity for comment and questions.

  • February 13, 2023 - Business Session