Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Wilkinson

Hello! My name is Alicia Wilkinson and I am the new First grade teacher in room #6! We're going to have a great year filled with fun, friends, reading and math. The focus or theme for the year is, Here We Grow! I am an avid gardener of all things so we will be growing plants and flowers and simple vegetables throughout the year. 

Some other things about me:

I have three kiddos of my own.....Peter, Mathew and Miriam

I have two silly doggies....Gracie and Mr. Squishy

I have been a chef and restaurant owner for most of my career. Four restaurants called, Pete's New Haven Style Apizza in the Washington DC area and one called Pete's A Pie of Denver. Needless to say, I lovvvve pizza!!

I'm looking forward to getting to know all of your children and especially watching them grow!

Thank you for your trust and patience,

Alicia Wilkinson