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2022 STARS Award winners announced

The Elizabeth Education Foundation presented the 2022 STARS Awards at a dessert banquet Saturday, April 2, at Elizabeth High School.

The STARS awards (Students Taking Accountability and Responsibility Seriously) are given to students nominated by their teachers for modeling responsible behavior, making good choices, spending time involved with clubs and organizations in school and the community, and being committed to learning, caring and helping their fellow students and school.

Every year, Elizabeth teachers nominate 5th-12th grade students who demonstrate some of the following characteristics:

  • Model responsible behavior.
  • Spends time involved with clubs or organizations at school or in the community, and/or spends time involved in music, theater, arts or sports.
  • Committed to learning, motivated to do well in school and actively engaged in learning. Cares about his/her school.
  • High value on caring and helping other people and accepts personal responsibility.
  • Makes good choices. Has empathy, sensitivity and friendship skills, resists negative peer pressures.

The EEF is a self-funded organization. Income is generated by encouraging neighbors to shop with participating businesses that donate a portion of sales to EEF as a designated charity. In addition, support can be given by participating in monthly fundraising events and donating directly to the foundation.

More information on EEF can be found at, by emailing or calling 303-646-6761.

2022 STARS recipients

Elizabeth High School

Twelfth grade

  • Dylan Baxter
  • Parker Gaudreault
  • Jennifer Grimes
  • Masen Loeks
  • Rylan McNeil
  • Casey Schaben
  • Riley Thompson

Eleventh grade

  • Whitney Benson
  • Lily Brace
  • Morgen Hubbs
  • Alexander Kelty
  • Karli Pronske

Tenth grade

  • Meghan Benkendorf
  • Cooper Connelley
  • Samuel Malakowski
  • Katie Millsapps
  • Giovanna Perrault
  • Lily Settoon
  • Amy Ward

Ninth grade

  • Andrew Brown
  • Marley Casaretto
  • Kyle Gustafson
  • Emily Meyer
  • Samantha Mowbray
  • Sophia Stillman


Elizabeth Middle School

Eighth grade

  • Jaden Francis
  • Antonio Guevara-Hudson
  • Stephanie Lunt
  • Ozzy Santangelo

Seventh grade

  • Denzel Guevara-Hudson
  • Bodie Jordan
  • Aliana Quintana
  • David Savage

Sixth grade

  • Caedyn Atwell
  • Miguel Gonzalez
  • Isabella Pergeau
  • Alexa Saucedo


Legacy Academy

Eighth grade

  • Christopher Rediger
  • Sienna Snively

Seventh grade

  • Tyler Christiansen

Sixth grade

  • Sawyer Lovato

Fifth grade

  • Daniel Page
  • Sarah Schmit


Running Creek Elementary School

Fifth grade

  • Bradley Barnhart
  • Leah Lave
  • Bailey Riniker


Singing Hills Elementary School

Fifth grade

  • Khiya Phillips
  • Emily Ramsay
  • Mayla Ruskauff

STARS Award winners pose together at EHS

Photo courtesy of Jeannie Seip Photography