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Elizabeth Education Foundation provide $10,000 to equip classroom teachers

The Elizabeth Education Foundation has announced its 2023 grant recipients. Grants are awarded based on the EEF’s guidelines which focus on enhancement of teaching opportunities and the impact on the classroom environment. 

The grant funds are generated through fundraising such as King Soopers reward cards, partnerships with local restaurants, and discounted community nights with the Colorado Avalanche, Denver Nuggets, Colorado Rockies and Colorado Mammoth. In addition, EEF receives private donations for this program from anonymous contributors.

Following are this year's grantees and the amounts they were awarded for each of their proposed items:

Elizabeth High School 

  • Derek Spohn: $500 (welder)
  • Steve Beaudoin: $387 (set of Positive Mindset Habits for Teachers)
  • Jorden Marklowitz : $360 (dishwasher)
  • Brandon Taff: $500 (plyometric boxes)
  • Mel Whitcomb: $334 (paintbrushes)

Elizabeth Middle School  

  • Jake Kane: $414 (calculators, power towers & geoboard manipulatives)  
  • Megan Wieden: $397 (slab roller)

Legacy Academy  

  • Callie Milne: $496 (PE equipment)
  • Vanessa Doyle: $250 (molecule kit)
  • Amy Lunt: $479 (bouncy bands)
  • Tracy McKennan: $355 (nonfiction books & white boards)
  • Lauren McPeck: $285 (headphones & music room equipment)
  • Cary Meyer: $359 (Lakeshore blocks & storage cabinet)
  • Andrei Teudean: $135 (AV equipment)

Running Creek Elementary  

  • Jessica Conley : $498 (math classroom support items)
  • Britanie Meredith: $300 (CD Player & headphones & classroom items)
  • Sarah Siekierski: $399 (sensory books, blocks & games)
  • Jerranda Van Eaton: $500 (ECERS manual & preschool classroom items)

Singing Hills Elementary  

  • Carla Carlisle: $322 (books & balance chairs)
  • Ashlyn Crossland: $430 (flexible seating)
  • Kaitlyn DeCristino: $500 (A Little SPOT of Learning books)
  • Rheanna Haislet: $449 (ear protection headphones)
  • Dominique Hellmund: $497 (GT reading books)
  • Rachel Midiri: $429 (flexible seating)
  • Tiffany Roberts: $327 (first-grade readers)
  • Jessica Schmidt: $300 (hydroponic system)
  • Lynn Strobel: $468 (A Little SPOT of Learning books)
  • Lara Urano: $163 (flexible seating)

Those who wish to continue to support Elizabeth School District through the EEF's fundraising efforts can visit or check out our Facebook and Instagram pages. Our email address is: