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Elizabeth School District earns school security grant

The Elizabeth School District has been awarded a $103,392 School Security Disbursement (SSD) grant through the Colorado Division of Homeland Security to update existing security measures throughout the district.

Priority was given to grant applicants who committed to providing matching funds. Elizabeth Schools will use $51,717 of its funds as a match to the grant money. 

The SSD grant will be used to fund security-related projects that include new options for staff to communicate with each other and with first responders in an emergency, updating campus cameras, installing cameras on all school buses, adding cell phone boosters in school buildings and the addition of shatter-resistant window film.

Shane Pynes, Elizabeth Schools’ new Director of Safety and Emergency Planning, says the grant impacts all campuses and improves their ability to respond to a variety of threats.

The district requested grant funding for security-related projects that were identified as areas needing additional investment through the Colorado Critical Protection Team’s third-party assessment of the district and the district’s Facilities Master Plan completed in 2018.

“The grant money allows the district to implement important security improvements that were previously identified, but lacked funding,” according to Superintendent Douglas Bissonette.  

The Colorado Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Management’s School Security Disbursement (SSD) Program was created in 2018 by the Colorado State Legislature’s Senate Bill 18-269. The SSD program provides one-time funding for building improvements, equipment, and training to enhance school security.