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Impressive Middle School Stats

The 2018-19 school year was very successful for Elizabeth Middle School (EMS) students, according to recently released results from the Colorado Department of Education. EMS was the 17th highest rated middle school in the state, out of 270 middle schools (grades 6-8), based on preliminary data. EMS students had very strong performances in science, scoring better than 85% of middle school students in the state. Students also did very well in Language Arts scoring 81%.

Pam Eschief, EMS Principal, recently said, "It is quite an accomplishment for my staff to see all of their hard work and effort be reflected in a great CMAS score. Staff spent the whole year focused on curriculum, building relationships with students, creating positive outlooks around testing, and individual student growth. The focus for this school year now turns towards repeating what we did last year to further improve our students excellent academic growth, interests, and achievements."