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In the month of January, STARS (Students Taking Accountability and Responsibility Seriously) recipients are nominated by teachers in the Elizabeth school district. The nominees consist of 50 5th-12th grade students that demonstrate some of the following characteristics:

  • Model responsible behavior

  • Spends time involved with clubs or organizations at school or in the community, and /or spends time involved in music, theater, arts or sports

  • Committed to learning, motivated to do well in school and actively engaged in learning. Cares about his/her school

  • High value on caring and helping other people and accepts personal responsibility

  • Makes good choices. Has empathy, sensitivity and friendship skills, resists negative peer pressures.

Normally, nominees, their two guests, and the nominator will be invited to the STARS banquet at EHS. However, because of COVID restrictions, nominees are honored with a medal, certificate, special photo and restaurant gift card given at their school award ceremony. They are also honored in the STARS video.

Recipients can only receive this honor once during their school career.

2021 STARS VIDEO, Congratulations Students!