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District audio content now easier to use

Elizabeth School District is adding to its online audio content. For several years, audio of Board meetings has been available, but the online player was difficult to use. Now the Board meetings are available as podcast episodes so they can be heard in multiple ways. On the district website, under Board Meetings, the improved audio player allows users to scrub through the audio more easily, and time codes are provided so users can go to the spots in the audio where each section of that meeting's agenda begin. The improved player is available for the three most recent meetings.

Those time codes are even more useful for people who subscribe to/follow the district's audio feed through a podcast player on their smartphone. Using Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotify, or any other podcast app (just search for "Elizabeth School District"), users can tap on a particular segment and jump straight to that spot in the audio. How to access that functionality varies in each app.

Staff members are working on plans to live stream future Board meetings as well as develop other audio content to feature the district's high-quality faculty and staff. Stay tuned!