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2023 STARS award winners honored

The Elizabeth Education Foundation celebrated the 2023 class of STARS award recipients at its April 1 banquet.

The STARS awards (Students Taking Accountability and Responsibility Seriously) are given to students nominated by their teachers for modeling responsible behavior, making good choices, spending time involved with clubs and organizations in school and the community, and committed to learning, caring and helping their fellow students and school.

This year's awardees are:

Elizabeth High School – Alexandra Bahr, Hayden Baker, Kody Bauer, Athena Cantrall, Taryn Crookshanks, Kinsey Curo, Christian Dansdill, Allison Dillard, Creig Dunn, Avery Goettge, Josephine Hayes, Ella Hedman, Tyler Hemans, Caden Long, Jordan Lust, Alexis M., Matthew Sauter, Ava Thielen, James Tucker, Jessica VanAernam, Griffin Widhalm, Hayvin Wilder, Jackson Zander

Elizabeth Middle School – Hudson Baker, Bailey Barnhart, Ava Dunlap, Shiloh Lynch, Cooper Mankin, Mya Mills, Annabelle Nelson, Estelle Norwood, Austin Reynolds, Luciana Samaco, Brooke Schaben, Cameron Spencer, Jonathon Spencer, Trista Traxler, Zoey Wilder

Legacy Academy – Elsie Brunker, Bretton Galaway, Olivia Lee, Brooke Lidke, Hayden Lynds, Symon Tang

Running Creek Elementary – Arthur Dee, Aiden Hammer, Kaleb Kelley

Singing Hills Elementary – Ella Conner, Lyra Edwards, Callen Mann

The EEF is a self-funded organization which carries out numerous fundraisers throughout the year to benefit students and teachers. More information – and ways to participate – can be found at, emailing or calling 303-646-6761.

Thanks to EEF President and Rainmaker Kathy Jaffee, pictured bottom right, for the information and to EHS senior Karli Pronske for the photos.

STARS award winners gather on April 1

Elizabeth Education Foundation and district reps at the STARS banquet

Jace Glick emcees the STARS awards

Supt. Dan Snowberger speaks at the STARS awards

Dinner is served at the STARS banquet

STARS servers at the banquet

EEF president Kathy Jaffee speaks to students at the STARS banquet