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New audio series features EHS coaches: First up, Poms/Spirit Team

Activities and sports outside of the classroom often can be just as important to students’ growth as what they learn during the school day – it’s how they learn teamwork, leadership, and time management – not to mention what other skills and interests they have.

With this in mind, Elizabeth High School’s athletic director John Everhart and his coaches have been on a mission to Demand Excellence. In fact, those words are the central theme for their overall approach to help student athletes grow a wide range of skills and abilities, represent their school and community well and raise the level of accomplishment whether they’re on a court, a field or mat. 

We’re kicking off the series with the coaches of the Poms and Spirit Team, Amber Rusk and Brooke Newton who, along with having a season that stretches across multiple other sports seasons, also have a couple of clinics coming up.