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Superintendent Recognized for Exceptional Leadership

For the second year in a row, the Colorado Rural Schools Alliance presented Superintendent Douglas Bissonette with an award for “exceptional rural leadership and advocacy” at the 2019 Colorado Association of School Boards Convention in Colorado Springs. The Rural Alliance consists of approximately 146 rural school districts who are committed to increasing opportunities for rural students and communities.

According to Alliance Executive Director, Michelle Murphy, Bissonette “is a leader who has stood out since the beginning, who helped create the current Alliance, has pushed the rural agenda, and never stood down.” He reaches out to legislators, gets to the State Capitol, helps find pathways to consensus, and has great relationships with legislators. Murphy reminded the 250+ audience members of the “stand out work he’s done on teacher salaries” and commended Bissonette for a lot of uncomfortable conversations with elected officials around sex education legislation which helped create a sense of the environment many rural communities are dealing with. “He’s seen around the capitol as a great asset,” according to Murphy.