• Mission of EMS School Counseling Department

    To provide all students with a comprehensive, developmental guidance and counseling program. The program is centered on engaging curriculum and services that encourage the highest level of achievement through student growth in academic, personal/social, and career competencies. As the student advocates, school counselors partner with other educators, parents, and community members to create a caring environment in which all students may become responsible learners and decision makers as they prepare for the future.


  • Individual Services
    Counselors are available to meet with students for academic, career, and personal/social needs.

    Group Services
    Counselors meet with students in a small and/or large group setting based on student needs.  Some groups may include family changes, grief and loss, social skills, etc. The purpose of groups are to provide support for students who may be experiencing similar situations and learn coping strategies. Groups meet once a week for 30 minutes and run for approximately six weeks.

    Conflict is an inevitable part of our lives. Counselors work with students to teach them strategies to resolve conflicts they may have with friends or classmates.

    Classroom Guidance
    Counselors deliver lessons in the classroom as needed on various topics such as organization, study skills/time management, substance awareness and prevention, character education, and career exploration.


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  • Brandy Qualls
    School Counselor (Last Name A - K)
    Shannon Paxton            
    School Counselor (Last Name L - Z)