• Building Competencies throughout the School Year

    This year Elizabeth Middle School will begin its implementation of the Homegrown Talent Initiative,  both focusing on competencies that will better prepare students for the modern workplace with career-connected learning experiences, and them aligning with opportunities available at the high school. The competencies that will be embedded in our planning and curriculum throughout the year are:

    • Effective Communicator (August and September)
    • Adaptable and Resilient (October)
    • Empathetic and Collaborative (November and December)
    • Independent Learner (January)
    • Leader (February)
    • Academically Prepared (March)
    • Entrepreneurial (April and May)

    It is our goal that, by developing these skills throughout their time with us, students will leave EMS a more well-rounded individual with strengths and abilities that will help serve them in their post-secondary goals. This learning is also intended to help them engage in their learning at a deeper level, with lessons that are relevant to their lives and personal interests.




    With the start of the 2021-22 school year, Elizabeth Middle School students will be introduced to the Profile of a Graduate, and each month one of the characteristics will be featured in-depth. Posters will be displayed throughout the school and those same concepts will be shown on video boards throughout the school to reinforce learning about each of the characteristics. 

    Here are each of the posters: 

    Academically PreparedAdaptive and Resilient Effective Communicator Empathetic and Collaborative Entrepreneurial Independent Learner Leader