Athletic Information

  • Athletic Handbook

    The athletic handbook is available to all athletes and parents to inform themselves about athletic procedures and expectations. All athletes and parents are expected to review and understand the handbook in its entirety.

  • Eligibility

    To be eligible to participate in interscholastic athletics events at EMS, the following policy will be followed:

    1. All sixth, seventh and eighth grade students participating are subject to the same eligibility rules.
    2. One or more "F's" or two or more "D's" in any core or enrichment subject will constitute ineligibility.
    3. Grading for eligibility purposes, as for report cards, is cumulative for each semester's grading period. Eligibility status begins anew at the beginning of each semester.
    4. So we don't penalize students at the beginning of each new semester. Students will be given a one-week grace period at the start of each semester.
    5. Students are given a two-week grace period to begin the school year before eligibility rules take effect.
    6. Sixthth, seventh and eighth grade students who have failed for the year will be eligible to begin fall sports the following year whether retained or promoted.

    Once the semester starts, eligibility will be taken once a week. This will happen on Friday morning. If a student is ineligible, that student cannot participate in any games for that week (Friday to Friday). It is highly encouraged for the student to still attend practice during the week. Notification will be sent home with the student. Parents must sign the notification and the student must return the notification to the Athletic Director the following day after receiving the notification. If the student is ineligible for three weeks in any order, then the student will be removed from the team.