I will greet children outside, on the front lawn. Please look for my classroom sign. When our class is gathered, we will walk into the school together. Please note, parents will not be able to walk children to classrooms.

    End Of Day Routine

    The following is information about parent pick-up, bus routine, and kids club for the beginning of the year. Please familiarize yourself with the information and contact your classroom teacher if you have any questions / concerns. 

             Parent Pick-Up…

    1. We will line students up in the grassy area at the front door. 
    2. Students will be dismissed to their pick-up person one at a time.
    3. Students must give me an elbow bump, and I must have waved to the adult picking up before a child is released to go. This is to ensure that all parties are aware of the hand-off.  

    Students will only be allowed to go with people on their student pick-up list. If someone other than the people on the list is planning on taking your child home, you must let both me and Ms. Pam know before we are able to send your child with that person. In addition, the person picking up your child

    1. MUST provide a photo ID.

            Kids Club…

    1. Students going to kids club will be walked down by a Kids Club teacher the first few days of school. 

           Bus Routine…

           A specials and Kindergarten teacher will take students to their buses. 

    Transportation Changes

    If you need to change your child’s transportation schedule please make sure you contact Ms. Pam in the front office. When you contact Ms. Pam she will let me know of the changes before the end of the day. You are more than welcome to email me as well, however please do not simply rely on email. There are some days that I cannot check my email until the end of the day. So, to ensure that I get the transportation changes (on time) please call Ms. Pam 303-646-1858.

    Please make sure all changes are communicated before 2:30.


    Regular attendance at school is a key factor in any student’s success at school.  If your child is ill, please report the absence at 303-646-1815 and keep your child at home. For further information, follow the guidelines for reporting your child’s absence listed in the Parent Handbook found online.


    Kindergarteners will have specials every day. Specials include music, art, PE, and STEM. The specials schedule for the week will be posted on our class website. 

    ***PLEASE make sure your child wears tennis shoes/running shoes on days when we have P.E. 


    On Thursday mornings, the elementary schools have a one hour delayed start. During this time, teachers have meetings focused on collaboration, reviewing student data, and determining instructional practices to maximize student achievement.  Occasionally, these meetings will have a school wide or district agenda. All agendas and meeting minutes will be posted on the school website. School will start at 9:00am on Thursday.  


    This year, breakfast will be free again from 7:50-8:00 a.m. If you wish for your child to eat breakfast at school, they must arrive prior to the first bell at 8:00. This is to ensure that they will have enough time to get breakfast and get to class. All children need to report to their classroom teacher before going to the cafeteria.


    Free school lunch will be provided again this year. You are also welcome to pack a lunch for your child. You can find the lunch menu on the district website.


    Your child will need to bring a snack to school each and every day. Kindergarteners will eat their snack in the morning. Please pack the snack separately from lunches for easy access. Because we only have a short time for snack and hand washing, only one small snack is necessary.  In consideration of food allergies, we do not allow students to share snacks. 




    Our building can get quite warm as well. Your child needs to bring a water bottle to school every day. Please make sure it is clearly labeled. 


    While masks are not required for kindergarten, there are times it will not be possible for your child to maintain social distance. If you choose to send your child with a mask, it should have your child’s name on it. Masks will be kept in back packs. If your preference is that your child wear a mask at all times, please discuss with your student the appropriate care of his/her mask to help ensure safe and clean practices. If you student will be riding the bus, masks are still REQUIRED on the bus.


    Your child should bring a backpack every day that is clearly labeled with his/her name. The backpack needs to be large enough to accommodate a Friday folder, library book, homework folder, and any other items going home during the year. 

    ***Please check your child’s backpack daily. This is an important part of keeping communication open between home and school. 

    Friday Folder:  

    This school wide folder comes home every Friday afternoon or the last day of a shortened school week.  It will have important school information as well as classroom work.  Please return it to school emptied of all contents on Mondays.

    Homework Folder:

    Your child will receive a homework folder at the beginning of the year that contains ongoing skills to practice and reading logs for the entire year. Reading logs are to be turned in at the end of every month. Homework folders are to be kept at home, and do not need to come back to school.


    Birthdays are a fun and exciting day for Kindergartners!  Feel free to bring in a small, but special treat to share with the class. This year all items must be store bought and remain sealed until their arrival at school. Parents will need to provide all plates, napkins, etc. Please notify me in advance so that I can plan accordingly.

    If your child has a summer birthday, he/she will get to choose a day when they want to celebrate their big day towards the end of the school year!


    Children may pass out birthday invitations in class if all children in the class are invited.  If not, you will need to distribute or mail invitations outside of school hours. This policy is to protect tender feelings. 


    It is very important for Kindergarteners to know when they are making positive choices during the day! Singing Hills Elementary students participate in the Positive Behavior Support initiatives sponsored by the CDE and ESD-C1.  Its purpose is to establish and maintain effective school environments that maximize academic achievement and behavioral competence for all students. Positive expectations are routinely encouraged, and children are recognized for displaying positive behaviors in school.

    The school-wide motto is PAWS, which means POSITIVE ATTITUDE, ACTING RESPONSIBLY, WILLING TO LEARN, and SAFE CHOICES. These positive behaviors extend to all areas of the school environment such as the playground, cafeteria, hallways, bathrooms, ECT.  

    Pawsitive Tickets:

    If a Kindergartner is displaying positive behavior throughout the school or in the classroom they will earn a Pawsitive ticket. There are different prizes for earning Pawsitive tickets.


    I will be using Class Dojo to communicate with parents, and to facilitate your child’s learning. Your child will have a student profile where he/she will receive age appropriate assignments. This is a platform that can be used to complete work, turn in assignments, send pictures and videos as well as well as communicate. You will be getting a code to sign up. Your student will earn Dojo points for PAWS behavior and you will be able to send me messages using the app. It is a great way to stay informed on what is going on in kindergarten. 


    In addition to ClassDojo, I will also send home a weekly e-mail detailing what we are learning, our upcoming events and other important information. This information may also be found on my website under Weekly Newsletters.


    I hope this communication has answered a few of your questions you might have about the beginning of school. As the year progresses, there will be notes going home with additional information and requests as needed.  

    Thank You!

    Kayla Holmes

    Singing Hills Kindergarten Teacher