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My goal is to provide a safe, nurturing environment using structured activities and play-based experiences to prepare children for life-long learning. We use a theme-based curriculum, which is research-based and developmentally appropriate. Our program utilizes Teaching Strategies GOLD to assess, monitor, and track the growth of each student while providing all-inclusive instruction to meet the individual goals of each student.

We offer a full-day program.  

Monday through Thursday  7:45am- 3:15pm.

What Frogs are Learning

Important Reminders

    • August 17- First day of school
    • Please remember to wear your preschool badge when dropping off and picking up your student.
    • Be sure that your student uses the restroom and washes hands prior to entering the classroom. State guidelines require that students and staff wash each time they enter our work space.

Frog Newsletters

  • Frogs News - April

    Frogs News - April

    I hope everyone had a nice spring break and got to enjoy the nice weather we had between snow storms. Beginning this week we will be studying the theme of Spring (though it's not very spring like today). This theme will continue through the month of April. During this unit we will learn about gardening, the life cycle of plants, pollinators and weather. Spring is one of my favorite units to teach. Children have such a natural curiosity about how things grow. Spring also offers many opportunities for children to engage with the scientific method in ways that are meaningful and exciting to them. This coming month we will be growing plants from seed, hatching butterflies, charting the weather, observing some puddles, learning how clouds make rain and how pollinators and other animal helpers make things grow.
    Important Dates:
    We will be hosting the Elbert County Sheriff's offices at our school on April 2nd for a stranger safety assembly. Please keep in mind that April 12th is an in-service day (no-class for students.)

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  • Frogs News - March

    Frogs News - March

    This month we will be studying the theme of dinosaurs. To begin we will discuss what the children already know about Dinosaurs and what they would like to find out. The children will also get to vote each week on the dinosaur they would like to learn more about. We will learn about when dinosaurs lived and what they ate. How do we know so much about dinosaurs? We will learn who paleontologist are and what their job entails.
    In our sensory bin we will have a dino dig site complete with fossils and excavation tools. In science center children will have the opportunity to create their own dinosaur habitats. We will also be working on the letters B,K,A and V.
    Important Dates:
    Preschool registration night will be held on Tuesday March 5th. All returning 3 year olds can register for the coming year with the school and through UPK on this day. Spring break will be from Friday March 15th until Friday March 22nd. Students will return on Monday the 25th.

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  • Frogs News - January

    Frogs News - January

    I hope that everyone had a fun and healthy break. We are looking forward to seeing everyone back in class this week! Through the month of January, we will be studying the theme, Pets. Why study pets? Young children are naturally interested in animals. Studying pets lets them learn how to treat animals with kindness, care for them and understand their needs. We will also be learning the difference between pets and wild animals and what kind of animals make good pets. As always, we have a variety of math, literacy and science activities planned for the month centered around our theme. Pets is my favorite study. I’m looking forward to all the fun learning we have in store!
    We will be setting up a veterinarian’s office in our dramatic play this month. We would love to include pictures of your pets in this area! They do not need to be professionally printed photos. Printer paper photos work just fine. I am also more than happy to print them for you if you would prefer to share them by email. My email is I have done this every year and I can tell you it is always a class favorite. Kids love sharing their pets!
    Beginning this Thursday, January 18th each student will have the opportunity to bring home our class pet. Don’t worry it’s a stuffed dog! We will be voting for his name on Tuesday the 9th. The dog will come home in a small reusable shopping bag along with a class book. Inside the class book you will find a blank page you can fill out with your child. You can use this page to share pictures and stories of what you did with our class pet over the weekend. I will include a sample page for reference. Please return the classroom pet by the following Monday. That way we can make sure he is washed and ready for the next friend. Each child will share their class book page with the rest of the class during Monday’s circle. Every student should have a turn with our pet by spring break.

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  • December News

    December News

    This Month’s Theme:
    This month we will be using our Winter Celebrations Study. What do people celebrate in winter? How do people celebrate? What are we thankful for this holiday season and how can we show gratitude? The month will be full of fun cooking, craft and art activities in celebration of the season. On Monday we will be sending home a celebrations survey for you to complete with your child. Please take a moment to share your families’ traditions around the holidays. We will be displaying these in the classroom for the children to share and enjoy. We will also be incorporating the math and literacy theme of Gingerbread and will hone our science skills by exploring Gingerbread through our five senses.

    Important Dates:
    We will be having a Polar Express class party on December 21st. We will be cooking spaghetti for lunch on this day. We will also be watching the Polar Express during nap. Below is a sign-up genius for snacks. Winter break starts Friday, December 22nd. Students return on the 9th of January.

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  • Frogs News – November

    Frogs News – November

    This Month’s Theme

    This month we will be exploring the creative curriculum theme Music as well as the science theme of Colors. Why study music? Many of us have fond memories associated with music. It is tied to important events, holidays, and celebrations. Music has a wonderful way of translating across generations, cultures, and communication styles. We are excited to build on children’s natural curiosity about music, sound, and performance. We will learn what instruments we can play, who plays them and how we can make music with our voices. We will also be exploring colors this month. We will lean primary vs secondary colors as well as the difference between shade and tint. The children will also be able to experiment with color mixing and rainbows. If anyone plays an instrument and would like to come and play for the class, please reach out to us Class Dojo.

    Important Dates
    Please keep in mind there will be no school the week of November 20th through the 24th in observance of Thanksgiving. We will be hosting a class feast for Thanksgiving on Thursday the 16th of November. A sign-up genius link will be sent through Class Dojo and can be found on our class page on the school website. We will be having our feast during lunch time. Hot lunch will not be served on this day. You do not need to pack a lunch for your child unless you would like to provide it as an alternative.

    Wish List
    • Contact paper
    • Stickers (preferably small ones)
    • Popsicle sticks

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  • October News

    October News

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  • September News:  

    September News:  

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  • Welcome to the Frogs Classroom

    Welcome to the Frogs Classroom

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