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  • If your family (or someone you know) is in need of clothes, food, or other assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the counseling office, and we will do our best to lend a hand. Your information will be managed in a confidential manner, and will only be released on a need to know basis. It's that simple!!!

    You may contact the school counselor at 303-646-1827.


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    Small Group Counseling: I am very fortunate to run small counseling support groups at the school for grades K-5. Topics typically consist of family changes, inner-strength building, self-esteem, friendship/social skills, anxiety, and study skills. I work with parents, students and staff members on selecting students that may benefit from these groups. The groups run 5-7 weeks and are conducted during the lunch hour. Sometimes groups will be arranged to meet during the school day and not during lunch. While the groups are NOT a form of treatment or therapy, they do provide useful tools, tips and encourage students to "think outside the box."

    Individual Counseling: I am available to meet with students when they encounter difficult life situations that may interfere with their ability to learn. This might include grief/loss, peer problems, family changes, stress, anxiety, academic problems, or other issues. 

    Parent/Counselor Meetings: It is important that I am available to parents. Please call, email or stop by to check on my availability.

    Coyote Connections: I enjoy acting as a liaison to help family’s that are in need due to a crisis, unforeseen event, or simply in need. In the past, thanks in large part to a very giving community, items like clothes, food and gift cards, Christmas gifts, Thanksgiving meals, and even supplemental weekend food support have been anonymously passed along to family’s in need in our community. Southeast Community Outreach (SECOR) provides our families in need with a weekly bag of supplementary weekend foods.  This is absolutely free. Your child will come home with a bag of non-perishable groceries once each week.  Please reach out if you have a need! A simple phone call or email to me will get the ball rolling, there is no qualification process either.  All you need to do is ask to participate and we will begin sending bags home with your child.  Also, our efforts to assist will be as discreet as possible.

    If you are interested in having your child join a small group, or even one-on-one counseling, please reach out to Mrs. Lee. Additionally, if your child has a special need, please share this with us. We are here for our SHE students and are glad to tailor a group to your child's specific needs. Chances are another child may be experiencing a similar situation and would benefit as well.

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