Degrees and Certifications:

It's Me, Miss Kelly! Now Miss Lagomasino

Hello Families!

If you had me from Preschool Frogs when I worked with Ms Tina, I went by Miss Kelly. Now that I have officially made it to 1st Grade, I will be going by Miss Lagomasino (Lago-ma-si-no); I will still respond to Miss Kelly if you forget. :) 

I am so glad you are here and we will have an amazing year ahead of us. Here is a little bit about me.

To start, I have been through the Elizabeth School District growing up. I went to Kindergarden at Running Creek while they were finishing building Singing Hills Elementary. When August came around, Singing Hills was ready to go! I went through all of Singing Hills, Elizabeth Middle School, and then onto Elizabeth High School where I graduate as one of a few that stayed in the same school district. I further went on to the University of Northern Colorado where I recieved by Bachelor's in Geography and Geology. I became a substitute in Weld County RE-1 and was called into the preschool so much that the following year they hired me on. I left Greeley and Weld County to come back home to Elizabeth where I was hired as Preschool Teacher's Assistant for 3 years. Last year I was a Long-Term Sub teaching 1st Grade and absolutely fell in love with the grade! 

And now here we are in 2023, I am going to be doing online school (Western Colorado University) to get my license and then...getting my Masters in Elementary Education! Holy guacamole! It will be a very interesting year and I can not wait to see you all soon! :) 



Degrees and Certifications:

Miss Lagomasino

Things that I love to do when I'm not teaching:

-To crochet

    ~ I collect Teddy Bears :)

- Do yoga and meditate

    ~Love shower steamers :)

- Spend time outdoors

-Drink Tea and Read Mystery Novels

- Play with my three kitties

     ~ Black cats are my absolute favorite! :)

- Hang out with family and friends


"Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning." ~ William Arthur Ward