• In the state of Colorado, all school districts, including Elizabeth Schools, are require to administer various tests to students: CMAS(Math, English Language Arts, Science and Social Studies, PSAT (preliminary College Admissions) and SAT(College Admissions) per C.R.S. 22-7-409. The 2021-2022 school year assesssment dates are:

    • CMAS English Language Arts  - 3rd -8th grade (March 28 - April 29)
    • CMAS Math – 3rd – 8th grade (March 28 - April 29)
    • CMAS Science  –  5th, 8th, 11th grade (April 11 – April 29)
    • PSAT College Preparatory Exam –  9th – 10th grade (April 14 or April 27)
    • SAT College Entrance Exam – 11th grade (April 13 or April 26)

    However, as provided for in state and federal law, and district policy, parents may excuse their student from taking the state mandated tests: CMAS, PSAT and SAT.  While we encourage all students to participate and do their best, we support individual family choice.

    As a district, each school uses the data gathered from these tests as one measure for determining student and curricular needs. For example at elementary and middle levels, the state test scores are one measure utilized for G/T placement.  At the High School the change to PSAT will provide better articulated data to support students on the SAT for college entrance as Juniors.

    If parents do determine they would like to opt their student out of taking these assessments we encourage you to submit their requests for exemption at the earliest possible date each year so the schools may plan accordingly. If you wish to opt out your student please print and fill out this form and return to the school: