Welcome to Running Creek

  • All about Running Creek Elementary and Preschool

    • Built 1989
    • Current Enrollment: 378 students in preschool-Grade 5
    • Principal Michael Seefried

    All members of the Running Creek Elementary and Preschool community respectfully collaborate to build and promote individual achievement and growth in a safe and engaging environment. 

    Running Creek offers a comprehensive preschool-through-fifth-grade education. Kids Club offers before- and after-school care and a summer camp program.

    At Running Creek Elementary and Preschool, our priority is ensuring each and every student feels cared for and important.

    We respect the individuality of each of our students and build on their individual strengths. Our staff is dedicated to cultivating a greater love of learning while developing social, emotional and academic growth. 

    Literacy is fundamental for lifelong learning, and we actively monitor our students’ progress and provide additional support and instruction for students as needed.

    Each week, our students enjoy music, physical education, technology (STEM), art and library with a certified teacher. 

    We value our involved and supportive parent community and all they do to enhance the success of our school and students.

    We welcome you to visit Running Creek to experience our inviting, caring and engaging learning environment!



    While every day brings great new lessons and incredible creativity from our students, here's a small sampling of what our students did during the school year:

    Goods & Services Expo

    Third graders at Running Creek raised nearly $2,200 for the Wounded Warrior Project with their Goods and Services Expo.

    Students organized in “store” teams based on what they intended to offer. Everyone had a job on those teams, including order tracking and supply management. Then, class by class, every other grade came to the expo in the gym.

    Bottles of Orbeez sold out quickly, as did tables with candles, stress balls, slime, pom-pom cats, soap and mini bows and arrows. Tables that offered nail and face painting were popular all day.

    Hot cocoa entrepreneurs

    Even in elementary school, students at Running Creek are learning skills and competencies that will serve them well for the rest of their lives. Learning by doing, especially, helps them understand and apply these concepts. 

    One example is hot cocoa sales and delivery undertaken by Mrs. Snider’s fourth-grade class. They chose this entrepreneurial venture and collaborated to raise funds to beautify the front of their school with new plants. Every week, they collected orders, prepped the cups, made deliveries in a small window of time — and demonstrated they were truly grasping the competencies.

    Their work was documented by 9News:

    In the spring, the students planted everything they had purchased thanks to everyone's support for their cocoa sales:

Notice of Non-discrimination

  • Elizabeth School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, ancestry, creed, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, disability, conditions related to pregnancy or childbirth, or any other applicable status protected by state or local law in its educational program, activities, operations and employment decisions. The district is committed to providing an environment free from bullying and harassment.

    Any student or staff member who believes he or she has been discriminated against, or who witnesses discrimination (including bullying or harassment), shall promptly make a report to the administrator/supervisor, or the district non-discrimination officer Kin Shuman (303-646-1832; kshuman@esdk12.org; 633 Dale Ct., PO Box 610, Elizabeth, CO 80107).

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