Parent Resources

  • Late Start

    Late Start Collaboration positively impacts student learning at Running Creek Elementary by providing our staff time to collaborate in teams or as a staff to do the following:

    • Analyze student data and plan instruction
    • Align curriculum, assessment, and instructional practices
    • Improve teaching practices through professional development

    Student Support Team (SST)

    The last collaboration day of each month is reserved for Student Support Teams to meet and discuss students who are not demonstrating grade level proficiency in any area (academic, behavior, social). Grade level teams can invite other staff (specials, special education, counselor, etc) to these meetings to problem solve and determine appropriate interventions for individual students. 

    Peers Observing Peers (POP)

    Teachers are divided into 6 vertical groups. Groups are made up of teachers across grade levels and specialties. Group members observe each other and meet monthly (during late start collaboration) to discuss observations. There are many benefits for our teachers:

    • develop teaching practice
    • enable collegial and supportive peer conversations around teaching practices
    • individual and shared reflective practice that enhances teaching performance
    • dissemination of innovative and good practice in learning and teaching
    • enhanced teacher quality

    (Tips taken from TIPS: Observing Peers Teaching by Chrissi Nerantzi)