• Welcome to Running Creek Kids Club!


    Running Creek Kids Club is a before and after school care program designed to meet the needs of the children of Running Creek Elementary families in Kindergarten through fifth grade. In order to be eligible for the RCE Kids Club, children must have already started Kindergarten and be currently enrolled at Running Creek Elementary School. They are welcome through the summer after their 5th grade year.

    We offer a mix of structured and unstructured time in a mixed age group classroom setting. Kids Club is also available during school breaks and summer as a full day program. This full day program can include bus field trips, walking field trips, arts and crafts, and science and math activities. We work within the ADA standards to make every effort to meet the needs of all children; however, our setting may not work for every child. 

    Children enrolled in our program must be able

    to function independently, as well as part of the group.


Essential Documents

  • RCE Kids Club Registration Packet 2023
  • RCE Kids Club Parent Handbook 2023
  • Medication Authorization Form
  • Severe Allergy/Anaphylaxis Packet
  • Asthma Packet

Kids Club Basics

  • Kids Club Program Belief Statements

  • Hours of Operation

  • Tuition

  • Staff

  • Contact Information

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Do you take drop-ins/do you accept unregistered kids without scheduling?

    A: No, due to the type of child care license our program holds and state licensing regulations, we typically cannot accept any children that have not been registered with our program. 

    Q: I forgot to preplan my family! Can you take them today?

    A: Sometimes. We can accept a maximum of 24 students on most afternoons and 15 students in the morning (including Thursday). This number is determined by our staffing and accommodations. While our classroom setting during the school year does not change, our staffing can change, so that capacity of 24 can be less on some days. Usually, we are not scheduled to our full capacity, so if you need care urgently, please contact the Kids Club director (erhoades@esdk12.org) or the RCE main office to check for availability. The Thursday morning capacity cannot be increased at this time due to staffing. If that changes, I will inform all our families.

    Q: When are tuition payments due?

    A: In a perfect world, all tuition payments are due at the time plans are submitted. I understand that this is not always possible. Please have your tuition payments for the month paid off by the last Friday of the month. ie: All dates attended in September of 2022 need to be paid for by Friday, 9/30/22. 

    Q: How do I pay my tuition?

    A: We accept cash, check, or money order. Checks can be made out to "RCE Kids Club". Payments can be dropped off in the black lock-box that is found on the wall next to the Kids Club classroom (room 1) or can be left with the staff in the main office. If you wish to pay by debit or credit, please register for an account on MyProcare.com.

    Q: The program opens at 6:30 am and closes at 6:00 pm- do I have drop my child off at 6:30 am (no later) and pick them up at 6:00 pm (no earlier)?

    A: No, on regular school days, you may drop your child/ren off any time after 6:30 am and pick them up anytime between 3pm and 6pm.

    A few word of advice:

      • First, on M/Tu/W/F- it may not be worth the $11 or more to drop your family off after 7:15 or after 8:15 on Thursdays
      • Second, it also may not be worth the $13 or more to pick up your child before 3:30 pm. If you pick up before 3:15pm, we will not charge for the time- it will be treated as a confusion in after-school plans.

    Q: Why am charged for some missed planned days, but not all missed planned days?

    A: We understand that sometimes life goes differently than planned, but, in order for our program to run smoothly and legally, we need to staff appropriately according to the number of anticipated students. When a family is repeatedly absent without notice, they may start being charged for those missed planned days- especially if the absence impacted our numbers in such a way that we were over staffed. This will mostly be seen on Thursday mornings, but you may sometimes see charges on missed afternoons, if it is a regular occurrence. These charges on missed days will never occur if a child is sick or if a family has notified the office or the director via phone call or email of the anticipated absence. If you are ever concerned with any charges or an absence of charges on your account, don't hesitate to contact the director (erhoades@esdk12.org).