Counseling Information

  • Web Safety

    Most parents don’t know how to tackle cyber bullying
    ESET's seven golden rules for parents and children for online security:
    • Updated Antivirus and Security software is a necessity.
    • Updated OS as well as up to date installed applications is a necessity.
    • Be vigilant and monitor your child’s internet connection: set a password and allow children to surf the web only during the times when you can periodically check on their online activities. Set clear rules about the use of computers.
    • Instruct kids on internet privacy: they should never supply personal data and details to strangers on the web and social networks.
    • Control the web camera as it can be easily misused by criminals and strangers. Unplug or cover your webcam when you don’t use it. There is malware that can access your webcam without you knowing about it or, if your machine is compromised, it could be turned back on remotely. Have children use camera only for approved communication: with known friends and family.
    • On social media, if you or your child shares the wall with “Everyone” or “Friends of friends” then you have lost control of who has access to all date
    • The information posted on the internet does not go away. Do not assume that when you delete a photo or even the whole social network account that you have automatically deleted all the data forever. Pictures and information might be already saved on someone else’s computer. Children and parents should think twice about which pictures and details to put on the Internet.

    Backpacks Of Love

    A Great Resource for Families:

    Running Creek Elementary School has partnered with local donors to provide "The Backpacks of Love" program. Each Friday, students in need of a food bag are provided with a weekend worth of meals for each child in the family. The students and families work anonymously with the school counselor in order to maintain confidentiality. If your family is interested in joining the Backpacks of Love program, please contact the school counselor by email:, phone: 303-646-6735 or put a note in Mrs.Schwegel box in the office. Last year the program was so successful that it has grown in size to accommodate more RCE families.

    We are excited to offer this support for our families on the weekends.

Counseling Services

  • Our school counselor offers a variety of support to students, staff, and families. One on one counseling is available for students on an “as needed basis” based upon staff or parent referral. Small group counseling is offered to help students deal with issues such as family change, loss, friendship, and organization. Additionally, the counselor is the first person to contact if you have concerns such as neglect, abuse, etc. Parent resources on a variety of subjects such as community services, academic support, and discipline/behavioral issues are also available.

Contact Info

  • Monet Schwegel
    I welcome you to contact me to discuss questions or concerns you may have regarding your child. I look forward to working with you.

A Partnership

  • I dreamed I stood in a studio
    and watched two sculptors there.
    The clay they used was a young child's mind
    and they fashioned it with care.

    One was a teacher- the tools she used
    were books, music and art.
    The other, a parent, who worked with a guiding hand
    and a gentle, loving heart.

    Day after day, the teacher toiled with touch
    that was careful, deft and sure.
    While the parent labored by his side
    and polished and smoothed it o'er.

    And when at last their work was done
    they were proud of what they had wrought.
    For the things they had molded into the child
    could neither be sold nor bought.

    And each agreed they would have failed
    if each had worked alone.
    For behind the parent stood the school
    and behind the teacher, the home.