• Teachers utilize a variety of resources to teach the Colorado Academic Standards. For specific grade level information please visit individual teacher web pages and/or communicate with your child's teacher. General information is below.


  • We believe in a comprehensive approach that reflects the Colorado State Standards and teaches the five components of reading instruction - phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. These components are taught using a variety of methods and incorporating a wide range of materials.

    All teachers at Running Creek practice a Balanced Literacy approach in their literacy instruction.
    Balanced Literacy features:

    • integrated reading, writing and speaking
    • whole group, small group and independent instruction
    • shared, guided and independent reading and writing
    • gradual release of responsibility
    • assessment based planning
    • explicit skill instruction
    • use of authentic texts

    Many classrooms utilize The Daily 5 routines and procedures to foster independent literacy skills.
    The Daily 5:

    • teaches independence
    • manages the entire literacy block
    • allows for several focus lessons and more intentional teaching
    • incorporates a variety of instructional routines
    • helps students develop stamina to ensure longer periods of reading and writing
    • articulates student behaviors that culminate in engaged learners
    • teaches students to understand and monitor their literacy goals

    For more information, view the Daily 5 website:


  • Our teachers use a variety of curriculum and resources to teach writing. Lucy Calkins Units of Writing is used to teach narrative, opinion/argument, and information writing. For more information view the website:

    Teachers also utilize Six Traits of Writing and Step Up To Writing processes to support writing instruction.


  • Children of the 21st century need a mathematics curriculum that is both rigorous and balanced. Based upon this requirement, the Elizabeth School District uses the Everyday Mathematics program K-6. This program:

    • provides approximately 90 minutes of mathematics instruction daily.
    • emphasizes conceptual understanding while building a mastery of basic skills.
    • explores the full mathematics spectrum, not just basic arithmetic.
    • is based upon how children learn, what they’re interested in, and the future for which they must be prepared.
    • uses language, communication, social interaction, tools, games and manipulatives in helping acquire skills.
    • builds understanding over a period of time, first through informal exposure and then through more formal and directed instruction.
    • connects new learning to existing knowledge.
    • moves beyond basic arithmetic and nurtures higher-order and critical-thinking skills using everyday real world problems and situation while also building and maintaining basic skills, including automatic fact recall.

    The Everyday Math program is taught in grades K – 5. The EDM program emphasizes a balanced instructional approach with whole group, small group, and individual components and utilizes a hands on, problem solving approach. The curriculum spirals, so not all concepts need to be taught to a mastery level. For more information, you can contact the school or view the Everyday Math website:

    Some of our teachers utilize Standout Math, a mathematical vocabulary program which teaches and reinforces math terms through songs, rhymes and motions. The lessons/games are taught once a week for 15-20 minutes. For more information, visit the Standout Math website:

Science and Social Studies

  • Science and Social Studies are taught in all preschool-5th grade classrooms. Many teachers integrate topics with Literacy and Math Instruction. Teachers use Discovery Education ( to provide digital content that enhances student learning. Many classrooms utilize the Scott Foresman curriculum. Hands on materials provide all students with engaging learning experiences.


  • At Running Creek, we are fortunate to have four full time “specials” programs: art, technology, music, and physical education. Students are rotated through art, music, and technology on a four day schedule. The PE schedule is separate in order to ensure all students have PE every third day. Each specials class is required to follow the Colorado State Standards for their specific specialty.