• Welcome to Elizabeth School District's Kids Club!

    Kids Club is Elizabeth Schools' before- and after-school program available at Running Creek Elementary and Singing Hills Elementary. Students currently attending elementary school (K-5) through the summer after their fifth-grade year are able to participate in the program. 

    We offer a mix of structured and unstructured time for children before and after school, as well as a full summer program that includes bus field trips, walking field trips, arts and crafts, science and math activities, and special guests. We work within the ADA standards to make every effort to meet the needs of all children; however, our setting may not work for every child. 

  • Running Creek Kids Club
  • Singing Hills Kids Club
  • Kids Club Program Belief Statements

    • Children are capable learners; therefore, adults should have high expectations for them.
    • Children learn through active exploration.
    • Children should be allowed the freedom to come into his or her own being by exploring, manipulating, discovering and relating to the world.
    • Children’s engagement in activities should support the Elizabeth Schools' kindergarten – 5th-grade continuum in literacy, numeracy, explore (science, social studies and health), and technology.
    • Our curriculum should emphasize the integration of all areas of development including language, fine motor, gross motor, cognitive (literacy, numeracy, problem-solving), social and emotional and self-help skills.
    • Our program offers individualized and developmentally appropriate activities in a safe environment.