Standards Based Grading

  • A student progress report is sent home each tri-mester, showing the student’s progress towards grade level proficiencies based upon the standards set forth by the state of Colorado and the Elizabeth School District.

    Standards based grading is NOT equated with a traditional A,B,C,D,F scale nor is it determined through percentages; it reflects a student’s understanding or mastery of the standards. The following numeric scale is used:

    4 = Advanced understanding; is able to apply concepts in new and unfamiliar ways
    3 = Proficient; meets grade level expectations
    2 = Partially proficient; there are gaps in the student’s understanding
    1 = Unsatisfactory; student has little or no understanding
    NA = Not assessed at this time

    Students are also assessed on their skills and behavior that support learning (effort, participation, work habits, etc.) The following scale is used for life long learning skills:

    E = Excellent
    S = Satisfactory
    N = Needs improvement

    The teachers at RCE have agreed to use +/- to better communicate the student’s achievement. (For example: 2-, 2, 2+ divides the partially proficient rating into thirds, giving the parent more information about the student’s performance.)

    Kindergarten teachers utilize Teaching Strategies Gold to track developmental and learning progress. Reports are sent home in lieu of the standards based report card.