•  At Running Creek we believe the following about homework:

    • It provides an opportunity to reinforce concepts introduced in the classroom, extend student learning and prepare for new learning.
    • It helps students develop organizational skills, time management strategies, effective study habits and responsibility.
    • Homework should be modified according to a student’s individual needs (IEP, 504, etc.)

    Homework assignments include:

    • Practice – to help students master skills and reinforce classroom learning
    • Preparation – to help students be ready for upcoming lessons
    • Extension – to help students connect new skills with real life situations
    • Creativitiy – to help students integrate skills while creating a product or response

    Time guidelines:

    Homework may be given Monday – Thursday and will not be assigned for weekends or vacation, however, families will need to manage time appropriately for long term projects.. The average time each student should spend each night is as follows:

    Kindergarten:  5-15 minutes

    1st grade:        5-15 minutes

    2nd grade:      15-30 minutes

    3rd grade:       15-30 minutes

    4th grade:       30-50 minutes

    5th grade:       30-50 minutes

    The times above do not include reading. We firmly believe that children should read each day at home. We encourage parents to discuss books with their children and read aloud to them. Some teachers will provide a reading log or journal for students to track at home reading. We hope to partner with you to help all students develop a love for reading.

    Students are expected to turn in homework assignments on time. Individual teachers will communicate their policy regarding late and missed work.   Homework will not be reflected in a student’s academic grade, but can be used when determining effort and lifelong learning grades.

    If your child is spending an excessive amount of time completing homework or consistently struggling, it is important for you to communicate this to your child’s teacher.