Specials Classes

  • Art  

    The visual art curriculum provides and enhances fundamental areas of student development such as critical thinking, problem solving, and self-expression.  At Singing Hills students engage in a variety of art projects that connect the Colorado state standards with multiple subjects and materials including technology, math, and history.  In addition to creation of artwork , students also write responses about their own artwork, the artwork of others, and artistic concepts.  Writing responses helps students reflect and comprehend how art is used to communicate and express ideas in the contemporary world.  Students also incorporate the principles and elements of design to guide their artistic decisions.

    Physical Education

    Physical education is an important aspect of the child’s overall education at Singing Hills Elementary.  Rather than just “playing games”, physical education contributes to the total growth of each student by developing basic motor skills that allow children to participate in a variety of physical activities.  Our P.E. curriculum focuses on creating multiple opportunities for success through movement education.  Competition is held at a minimum to allow all students to experience success at different levels.  Our aim is to encourage children to participate in physical activity and to continue participation throughout their lifetime.

    Age appropriate games and activities are utilized throughout the year.  Students learn fundamental locomotor skills (i.e., running, hopping, skipping, leaping, jumping, sliding, galloping) and basic manipulative skills such as throwing, catching, dribbling, etc.  Units that we explore throughout the year include basketball, volleyball, soccer, jump roping and fitness testing.


    Preparing our students for the 21st century is one of the major goals of our technology program.  Keyboarding, multimedia, photo production and internet skills are among the many skills which our students learn at different grade levels.  Grade level curriculum is also enriched through the different interdisciplinary projects which students complete during their technology time and in the classroom.


    The Singing Hills music program consists of a “hands on” musical instrument approach, vocal training, reading music and applying concepts to various types of musical experiences.  Folk dancing, loco-motor, and non loco-motor movement are important to learning ways of expressing music.  An integrated approach to the regular classroom curriculum is an essential aspect in determining the types programs presented to parents.