Standards-Based Grading

  • A student progress report is sent home each trimester showing progress towards grade level standards based on the standards set forth by the state of Colorado and the Elizabeth School District. Mastery of these standards, or essential learnings, are demonstrated through assessments given in the classroom as well as other objective data.

    Numeric Scores will be determined using the following descriptors:
    4= Advanced (Exceeding grade level standards)
    3= Proficient (Meeting grade level standards)
    2= Partially Proficient (Making progress toward grade level standards)
    1= Unsatisfactory (Lacking adequate progress towards grade level standards)
    NA= Not assessed at this time
    Students will also be assessed and scored on their skills and behavior that support learning (homework, effort, participation, citizenship, etc.).
    E Excellent
    S Satisfactory
    N Needs Improvement