Technology Program

  • SHE Lab Our school utilizes several technology tools and learning experiences to enhance our instructional program. We continue to focus on improving our technology program as stated in our school performance plan goals. Technology opportunities and tools for students/staff include (but are not limited to):

    Technology/STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) class- grades K-2 rotate through our technology/STEM class throughout the school year as part of his/her Specials class rotation. For grades 3-5, the technology/STEM teacher works with individual classrooms to assist teachers in the integration and application of technology/STEM, in all subject areas.

    Chromebooks and iPad (1st-5th, sets of 30 Chromebooks and 28 iPads available, K, 25 mini ipads) our students use Chromebook/iPads in the classroom for various instructional purposes and under the direct instruction and supervision of their classroom teacher.

    CPS system (Classroom Performance System)- this technology tool is utilized in the classroom to reinforce content objectives using a hand-held survey device.

    Mimio/MOBI Systems- these interactive electronic white boards are used by teachers to allow student interaction with classroom materials.

    LCD/document readers- classrooms are equipped with these projectors in order to present electronic and printed material to the class.

    Discovery Education/streaming video- web-based learning materials/video/demonstrations utilized to enhance instructional objectives.

    Kindles (23)- these electronic books are utilized during classroom instruction and small group reading instruction.

    Desktop/laptop computers- available for students and staff in classrooms and the library.

    Electronic/On-line Resources/Virtual Learning Experiences- all teachers have access to a multitude of online resources to enhance grade level standards.