• District Mission:
    To provide our students with excellent and diverse learning opportunities that inspire passion for learning, develop individual potential and prepare them for a successful future.

    Board's Purpose:
    We will strive as a unified team of elected citizen volunteers to keep students at the heart of our decisions, to grow the district in a positive direction, and to focus on student success at every level.

    Essential Board Roles

    • Guiding the district through the superintendent
    • Engaging stakeholders
    • Ensuring alignment of policy, resources and structure
    • Measuring and celebrating achievement
    • Modeling excellence

    Board Core Values

    • We put students first
    • We exercise teamwork
    • We emphasize life-long learning
    • We strive for continuous improvement
    • We exhibit financial responsibility

    Board's Focus Areas

    • Increasing student achievement
    • Investing in excellence for all students
    • Enhancing sustainable employee salaries and benefits
    • Building a long-term planning culture and system