Transportation Department

  • Transportation Mission Statement:

    "To safely, effectively, and efficiently transport students to and from school”.

    Elizabeth School District is Hiring Bus Drivers 

    • Elizabeth School District is extremely short of daily routes & substitute school bus drivers.
    • Do you have some time and care about the students in our community?

    Yellow_ Bus

    Please see the following details to see if becoming a school bus driver would work for you!  

    • The starting pay is $17.85 per hour or more, depending on experience.
    • Must be a minimum of 18 years of age with a good driving record.
    • Reasonably good health: School Bus Drivers must be able to pass a district-paid Dept. of Transportation physical. 
    • All training to receive a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) is provided, and you are paid while in training!
    • Bus routes are typically 4 hours (2 hours a.m. - 2 hours p.m.)  But… we can be flexible. A driver can be scheduled for just a.m. or just p.m. – just certain days of the week - or just certain seasons. 
    • Substitute drivers typically drive as their schedule allows 2 hours in the a.m. or p.m.
    • With permission, non-school-age children can accompany bus drivers while they drive.

    Don’t wait! Act now to secure a space for an upcoming training class! No experience is necessary. Upon completion, you will receive 40+ hours of paid training.

    If this interests you, call Jeff Cannella or Colleen Donahue for information @ 303-646-6790 Or apply online at

  • School Bus Danger Zones - Uinta County ... Back-to-school school bus safety tips 

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History of the Bus

  • Buses have been around for quite sometime. They have come a long way since their introduction. Check out the history of the bus.

    • 1662 - Blaise Pascal introduced the first horse-drawn bus in Paris. However, due to high ticket prices, it only operated for 15 years.
    • 1812 - After a huge gap, the horse-drawn bus made its appearance once again. These were a cross between a carriage and stagecoach. People even rode on the roofs of these early buses. It was also at this time that the bus got its name. It derived its name from Latin (Omnibus) meaning "for all."
    • 1830's - steam-engine powered buses began to operate. In this same time-period the electric trolley bus was invented. 
    • 1895 - the first internal combustion engine bus was invented.
    • Today - buses have developed into a safe, affordable and convenient way to travel.

Boundary Map

Contact Information

  • Tiara Noe
    Transportation Director

    Colleen Donahue
    Transportation Coordinator

    Julia Miller
    Special Needs Transportation Coordinator

    Jeff Cannella
    Transportation Trainer

            34291 County Rd 13
            Elizabeth, CO 80107

    We are located just south of the Middle and High Schools, directly on County Road 13.

    Typical office hours are Monday thru Friday, from 6:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Inclement Weather Conditions 

  • Colorado weather can be severe at times. When a storm approaches the area, the school district has a thorough process for evaluating if school should be delayed, canceled or if school is already in session, whether students should be released early. Click here for a copy of our weather policy explanation.

Our ESD Transportation Team

  • We are a talented team dedicated to your student’s transportation needs and safety!

    2 Full Time Mechanics
    23 Bus Drivers
    5 Paraprofessionals

    • 21 Daily Routes
    • 1800+ Students Served Daily
    • 33 Buses & 17 Small Vehicles
    • 3,000+ Driving Miles Daily
    • 265,000+ Annual Miles
    • CDL Accredited Training & Licensure
    • Student Management Training
    • 1st Aid & CPR Trained

    Fun Facts:

    • Elizabeth School District is 161 sq. mi. in area.
    • We drove 7,140 bus routes for SY 21/22!!    
    • We gave 175,684 student rides for SY 21/22!!  
    • 266,000 miles safely traveled in SY 21/22! 

Online Field Trip Request Form

  • Elizabeth School District personnel:

    Please use the following links to schedule your transportation to school-approved sports & activity field trips.

    Click on the link below to be forwarded to the new online form.


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