Safety and Security

  • At Elizabeth School District, we take every step, every day, to make sure our students and staff are safe. 


    Standard Response Protocol (SRP)





    1-877-542-7233 (SAFE)



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School Drills and Training

  • Safety Drills

    • One Fire Drill per month (Evacuate)
    • Two Lockdown Drills per school year
    • One Secure Drill per school year
    • One Tornado Drill per school year (Shelter)


    • Standard Response Protocol (SRP) training
    • Incident Command System (ICS)
    • Safety team tabletop exercises
    • Collaborative emergency responder training 
    • Stop the Bleed  
    • Threat assessment 

Contact Information

Safety Partners

  • Elizabeth Fire Department
    155 West Kiowa Avenue
    P.O Box 441 
    Elizabeth, CO 80107
    Phone: 303-646-3800 
    Fax: 303-688-6994
    Website / Facebook

    Elizabeth Police Department 
    425 Main Street Elizabeth, CO 80107
    Phone: 303-646-4664
    Website Twitter / Facebook

    Elbert County Sheriff's Office
    751 Ute Ave P.O. Box 486
    Kiowa, Colorado 80117
    Phone: 303-621-2027
    Website / Twitter 

    Elbert County Emergency Management
    751 Ute Ave P.O. Box 295
    Kiowa, CO 80117
    Phone: 303-805-6132 Fax: 303.805.6132
    Website / Facebook

    Colorado Bureau of Investigations
    690 Kipling Street, Denver, Colorado 80215
    Ronald C. Sloan, Director
    Phone: 303-239-4300
    Website / Facebook / Twitter