• State and federal education legislation emphasizes the inclusion of families in the educational accountability process. The District Accountability Committee (DAC) is a legally-constituted accountability and advisory committee of parent representatives and teachers from every school in the district.
    Colorado State Statute 22-11-302 requires DAC members to act in an advisory capacity to the Board of Education on a variety of topics including:
    • The district budget;
    • Unified improvement plans;
    • Family engagement; and
    • Other projects as determined by the BOE (parent surveys, MLO oversight, etc.)
    The DAC meets three to four times throughout the school year, and members have an opportunity to hear district updates and provide input on a variety of topics. DAC members are responsible for ongoing communication with their School Accountability Committee (SAC).
    DAC Membership 
    Ideally, DAC membership will include two or three representatives from each school in the district (at least one parent and one staff member), including Legacy Academy. DAC membership is contingent on appointment by the Board of Education.
    The DAC provides opportunities for parents and community members to become informed about and to be involved in making recommendations concerning the preparation of the district’s improvement plans and cooperatively determining other areas and issues to address recommendations on.
    The DAC reviews and makes recommendations to the Board of Education concerning the School Accountability Committee (SAC) plans for the improvement of education in each school. The DAC reviews the proposed district budget and provides feedback to administration and the BOE.
    Commitment requirements for DAC members are as follows:
    • Regular meetings are scheduled throughout the school year.
    • DAC members serve two-year terms.
    • The committee will elect officers and may form subcommittees.               
    • All meetings of the DAC and its subcommittees are open to the public.