• The US Department of Agriculture recently announced that they are extending their Free Meals for Kids program through the end of May 2021. This means all students in the Elizabeth School District including Legacy Academy  can access healthy and nutritious breakfast and lunch at school for no additional cost.  Effective Wednesday, September 3, all students in the Elizabeth School District including Legacy Academy will receive free breakfast and lunch, no matter the student’s prior free, reduced, or full pay eligibility.  One free breakfast and lunch per student per day will be served.  If students want an additional breakfast or lunch they will be charged for a second meal.

     Please note: Households who have not yet applied for free or reduced meals for 2020-21 are encouraged to complete an application so eligible students will receive Free/Reduced meals AFTER December 2020, or when available funding runs out under the current guidance. Click here to start the application process: https://www.payschoolscentral.com/