Safe Schools Committee

  • Elbert County Safe Schools Operations Group
    Following the tragedy at Columbine High School, schools and first responders recognized the need for closer working relationships. Many years back, the Elizabeth School District formed a safety committee that included local fire, police, and sheriff representatives to review policies and practices in all our schools. Over the past years, this group adopted the Standard Response Protocols for all the schools in the district. This group also conducted tabletop training and created the working relationships needed for prevention and response to numerous situations. Over the past few years, a gap has been noticed. With the size of our county, a common language and response amongst all the independent school districts and the first responders could increase our capacity to deter and deal with emergencies. With this need identified, the Elbert County Safe Schools Operation Group was formed.
    Through quarterly meetings, representatives from each school district, fire, police, sheriff, and emergency management coordinate and refine safety practices. The tabletop discussions and updates on individual schools, agencies, and national topics lead to better training, coordinated response, and prevention measures, as well as stronger relationships among all the agencies.

    Elbert County Safe Schools Operations Group:

    • Michael Newton, Committee Chair, Elizabeth Schools Director of Safety
    • Melvin Berghahn, Elizabeth Police Department
    • Tim Norton, Elbert County Sheriff's Office
    • Kara Gerczynski, Elizabeth Fire Department
    • Shane Pynes, Elbert County Emergency Management
    • Mark Ressel, Elizabeth Schools Transportation
    • Jason Hackett, Elizabeth Schools Director of Communications
    • Marty Silva, Elizabeth Schools Director of Technology
    • Mike Scobee, Elizabeth Schools Network Administrator
    • Ron Patera, Elizabeth Schools Chief Financial Officer
    • Lloyd Nelson, Elizabeth Schools Maintenance
    • Lori Clark, District Nurse
    • Principals/Superintendents from County Wide School Districts
    • Bret McClendon, EHS Principal
    • Brett Michel, EMS Principal
    • Robin Hunt, RCE Principal
    • Regina Montera, SHE Principal