The Standard Response Protocol (SRP)

  • The Standard Response Protocol (SRP) provides guidance for schools and responders to facilitate clear, consistent emergency response actions. The SRP is a response enhancement for critical incidents designed to provide consistent, clear shared language and actions among all students, teachers, staff, parents, first responders, and the community. The SRP consists of five standard response protocols: HOLD, SECURE, LOCKDOWN, EVACUATE, and SHELTER.

    HOLD in your room or area. Clear the halls. HOLD is initiated when there is a safety concern in the hallways or corridors of the school. This directive is called when it is necessary to restrict the movement within the school or building. A HOLD may be called if there is a medical emergency or altercation taking place.

    SECURE get inside. Lock outside doors. SECURE is called when there is a threat or safety concern OUTSIDE of the school or building. A SECURE directive may be called due to police activity or a dangerous animal on school grounds.

    LOCKDOWN locks, lights, out of sight. LOCKDOWN is called when there is an active threat or dangerous situation occurring INSIDE of the school or on school grounds. Staff, students, and visitors must immediately find shelter inside the nearest safe area or self-evacuate the building. Lock your classroom door, stay out of the corridor line of sight, and stay as quiet as possible. Be prepared to barricade the doorway if needed. Do NOT open the door for anyone and stay locked down until law enforcement comes to your classroom and releases you.

    EVACUATE to a safe location. EVACUATE is used to move students and staff to a safe location outside of the school or building via predetermined evacuation routes. An EVACUATE directive may be called due to a fire, gas leak, bomb threat, or hazardous material spill.

    SHELTER for a hazard or severe weather event. SHELTER is called for severe weather or hazardous material spills. A SHELTER directive is used to move students and staff to a safe predetermined location inside of the school or building.



    The Standard Response Protocol Classroom Poster

    SRP Poster

                 (Click the image for PDF poster)

Parents and Guardians. We need your help during an incident!

  • How you can help:

    • It is vital that parents and guardians keep their information updated in InfiniteCampus.
      Parents will usually receive notifications and messages from the district when these protocols are implemented.
    • Monitor the Elizabeth School District website for updates and instructions.
      In an effort to reduce confusion and ensure factual information is provided, Elizabeth School District will usually post information and updates on the website once we know the information is credible and accurate.
      It is possible that unvetted information will be circulating on social media and reported through media outlets before you receive official communication from Elizabeth School District. Experience has taught us that initial information is almost always inaccurate or incorrect.
      Our first priority is to make sure students and staff are safe. Then, once we have clear and accurate information, we will share it with parents and guardians. Please be patient.
    • Please don’t call the school during an emergency - school staff will be busy working on the situation and ensuring student safety.
    • We understand you may want to communicate with your student during an emergency or incident. However, please refrain from calling your student during these times.
      Students’ attention should be focused on their teacher’s instructions and what’s being asked of them at that moment.
      If your child calls you during an emergency, please help them stay calm and remind them to listen to their teacher and follow directions. 
    • Don’t drive to school during an emergency - this may interfere with procedures. The streets need to be open for emergency response personnel during these times. 
    • Elizabeth School District will always give you instructions when dismissal times and/or procedures are affected by safety & security protocols.
      It is important to understand each situation is different. Sometimes these alternate dismissal plans take time to finalize; please be patient.
    • Elizabeth School District staff will stay with students until a parent or guardian is able to pick them up.
      Your student will be safe until you are able to get there.

    The Standard Response Protocol Parent Handout               The Standard Reunification Method Parent Handout

    SRP Parent Handout                              SRM Parent Handout

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