• In the event of inclement weather, Elizabeth Schools uses a variety of resources to determine if school should be delayed or closed. The district closely monitors ongoing weather reports and reviews road conditions and recommendations from the Colorado Department of Transportation, local and state law enforcement agencies and has transportation personnel on the road evaluating conditions.

    If conditions pose a threat to student and staff safety, the district will announce a decision to close or delay schools by 6 a.m. This information will be communicated in several different ways, including:

    • District and school websites
    • Automated phone call
    • Email and text message (if opted in) to parents
    • Social media (Facebook and Twitter
    • Local television and radio stations

    School Closings
    Schools will be closed if road conditions are poor throughout the district, visibility is low and there’s certainty of continued snow. When schools are closed all scheduled activities (including before/after care and preschool) in the school building are canceled and sports events and practices are postponed.

    School Delays
    Schools may be delayed if roads are snow packed and driving conditions require caution and slower speeds, even if the main roads are drivable, visibility is okay and snowfall is light or has stopped. A delay gives more time for safe travel to school and also gives more time for roads to be plowed, and there is more daylight and less traffic congestion.

    A delay will typically be one or two hours and will impact all programs and services, including Kids Club, Preschool, Before Care, and Legacy Academy. A delayed start does not change the regular dismissal times at the end of the day. 

    Delay Times  

    Thursday Times

    * These programs do not have Late Start Thursdays, so their delay is 2 hours.

    Early Dismissal
    Elizabeth Schools will rarely dismiss school early.

    As always, it’s up to parents/guardians to make the final decision on school attendance if, based on personal circumstances, conditions exist that pose a safety concern for their child getting to or from school. Please remember to call your child’s school for an excused absence. 


Radio Stations to Listen to for School Closings

  • 98.5 FM KYGO
    850 AM KOA

Television Stations to Watch for School Closings

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